Stoopin’ Part III



Being the third and final installment of my history of stoop/yard/garage/street/sidewalk sales, with photos, illustrations, near-disasters, psycho killers, and more.

2001 (June 9)

Brooklyn — Not even officially resettled in New York, I’m nonetheless ready to sell my junk! Fortunately, wjcohen (also relocated to Brooklyn) has just as much Jewish merchant blood as me and he’s more than willing to host the sale, which becomes our first official annual stoop sale (seeing as he’s got a stoop!). With significant others Sari and Alison (and 9-month-old baby Lila) joining the cause, we pull off a good one.

Rocketship Blasts Off


You are cordially invited to the opening reception of Cartoon Brooklyn, to be held at Rocketship, a brand-new comics store in Cobble Hill. The reception is July 29th, from seven ’til ten in the evening. Cartoon Brooklyn is an exhibition featuring the comic art of Jessica Abel, Dean Haspiel, Matt Madden, and Josh Neufeld. Drinks will be served in the Rocketship garden. Rocketship is located at 208 Smith Street, between Butler and Baltic, in Brooklyn. The closest train is the Bergen Street stop on the F or G. For more information, please call proprietors Alex Cox or Mary Gibbons at 718.797.1348.