"A.D." chapter 2 coming this weekend!


pages 11-12
I’m finishing up the final page of chapter 2 of A.D., and it should get posted some time this weekend. Thanks to my new intern Sara, who’s been filling in blacks, erasing pages, scanning artwork, and doing color treatments, I’ve been able to speed up my process a bit (even given a week off for a quick spring trip to Puerto Rico). Yay, Sara!

In chapter 2, our characters prepare for Katrina, deciding whether they should (or can) evacuate. Look for it on SMITH tomorrow or Sunday!

Sarah filling in the blacks
Sara, filling in blacks on the last page

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  1. Yes indeed! Besides all the grunt work she does, she also is a literal manifestation of my deadlines. Like I know if I don’t have a new page done for her to work on, she’ll have nothing to do. And thus I will be a failure. So just knowing she’s coming again the next day makes me push through on my deadlines when I might otherwise conk out.

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