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  1. Great comic. I adore the compromised lines and I feel your angst.
    I remember trying to ink a comic in college after I fell off a 3-story building, breaking both my legs and tearing the ligaments in my drawing hand. I sat at the art table in a wheelchair sideways [because one leg was fully extended], inking the pencils [I’d drawn before the fall] with my busted hand in a brace. I botched the gig and it got published and I didn’t get work at DC Comics for a decade.

    1. thanks so much! i figured the only way to deal with the situation was to be a hard-ass. the only way that stupid finger’s ever gonna learn. just like having kids, right? ;->

  2. the other hand
    I like the subtlety of “on the other hand.” I would have had to resist underlining the joke.
    Rob H.

    1. Re: the other hand
      thanks for noticing that! i was wondering if anyone would.
      the one other “punny” thing i wish i’d been able to fit in there was a mention (or pic) of crossing my fingers…

  3. Where it says “for more info:”
    what else needs to be known? This sounds like an awesome event…

  4. PS
    Hey Josh!
    Love the artwork, not only in AD, but in general. Mighty good stuff.
    Thank you so much for spreading he word about Pulp Secret. We really appreciate it!
    Please keep up the good and awesome work.
    Jeaux Janovsky
    Pulp Secret Keeper

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