0 thoughts on “Cloverfield = Adrenaline

  1. God, next you’ll be telling us you loved the new RAMBO. I never know what you’re going to think about a movie.
    Didn’t all the weird camera jag make you feel seasick?

    1. I like to keep mixin’ it up! I doubt I’ll see the new Rambo.
      I love the first-person handheld camera thing. I’ve been a huge fan of that style of filmmaking since I saw this TV movie from back in the 80s called Special Bulletin. A personal favorite Vietnam movie called 84 Charlie MoPic was shot that way too.

  2. I tried posting this yesterday, but it didn’t work.
    Maybe I’ll see “Cloverfield” if you liked it. From the commercials the camera work looks jarring and annoying. That style is mainly what I don’t like about directors like Lars Von Trier (though I have a special animosity towards Von Trier).
    I agree about “84 Charlie Mopic” … its a great movie! I think the most interesting psuedo-doc-style movie is an Italian horror movie called “Cannibal Holocaust”. It has interesting things to say about colonialism, racism, and filmmaking. Its a gorgeously shot movie, but is practically unwatchable because of very very very gory content.

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