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i visit my apartment building’s basement a fair amount. the laundry room’s down there, as is bicycle storage, and so is the building’s side exit, which i use a lot to go to the supermarket or the dry cleaner. plus, i’m friends with the super and that’s where he hangs out. anyway, the super (i assume) recently put a sign up on the elevator motor room — and boy, was it ugly! he used those gold shiny press-on letters and it looked really bad, so bad that it made me wince every time i walked by.

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so, being the civic-minded guy i am, last wednesday i whipped up a replacement sign and taped it on the door over the old one. i just couldn’t stand walking by that eyesore any more and figured i would do everyone a favor. this was in the midst of a 10-hour day finishing up an illustration assignment, and putting together a 12-page booklet for CUNY, and getting ready to go out of town for a wedding, and deciding to go see Revenge of the Sith at the midnight premiere. no one can tell me i don’t have my priorities in order!

thing is, i’ve done stuff like this before, what i think of as good deeds but are really just my neurotic need for neatness and order. like whenever i end up borrowing someone’s computer and obsessively rearranging their desktop icons or their application folders — because it just makes more logical sense my way! it’s a bad habit to get into, but i can’t stop myself.

well, it’s almost a week later and my sign’s still there, so i guess i didn’t upset the natural order of things. but if the super asks you who did it, please don’t tell on me!

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    1. building supers have yelled at me for fixing crooked signs! building supers have yelled at me for fixing crooked signs!
      you have to do like i did and pre-tape the sign, hide it under your shirt, and make sure no one else is down there when you put it up and get the hell out of there at top speed!

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