False Alarm…


Arghh. Looks like I spoke too soon. Sari’s Thursday-night contractions were false labor. After they stopped (at about 5:30 a.m.), they never came back. Seems they really were brought on by the stomach bug she had, and now she’s (mostly) over that, the contractions have not returned.

Of course, that may be for the best, at least for the next couple of days, as I seem to have acquired a couple of “itises”: bronchitis and conjunctivitis. Guess that “summer cold” I’ve been suffering from for the last week got out of hand. And pinkeye?! I thought you only got that if you were a 19-year-old college student. Oy. I was all laid-out yesterday, hacking like a cancer patient, with a temperature of nearly 102, which is what finely sent me to the doctor.

What a pair Sari & I make! My theory is all my maladies were brought on by our Thursday night hospital visit. Why do they keep those triage rooms so damn cold? Fuckers.

Well, now I’m doped up on multiple antibiotics, steroids, and codeine-doused cough syrup, so we’re actually hoping to get a couple of days’ respite — for me to get better — before Sari goes into actual labor. Course, if she doesn’t go into labor by Wednesday (by which point she’ll be ten days past-due), they’re gonna induce her anyway, so we’ll definitely be parents by then.

Right? Right?

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      1. I was induced. It was funny, though, we were scheduled a day earlier, but they had a huge rush of labors that day and told us we had to wait until the next day. It turned out great because the next day, they had a huge private room available with its own giant jacuzzi bathtub, and my GOD, did that make the labor easier.

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