Fricken' French!


Remember back in June ’99 when I proudly announced that “A Day in the Life” had been accepted into L’Association’s Comix 2000? Well, it appears I spoke too soon. Here’s part of a letter I recently received from the French publisher:

This letter concern the COMIX 2000 project and we’re afraid it is unfortunately not good news. In fact, L’ASSOCIATION received such projects that we had to reestimate several works at the very end of the selection. In another words we’ve been in the obligation to turn down a few works previously selected. Your work was unfortunately in this position and we have the regret to announce you that at the end you won’t be in the book. We are conscious that it’s not fair at all to cancel a previously positive advice, but we had to be straight with all the elements, even in taking the decision to disappoint some of you…. Of course, you’ll see plenty of works which you’ll judge lower than yours, and it will make another good reason to send us to hell, and well, we’ll go because we have truly no excuse for this….

Boo! Needless to say, I’m very disappointed, not to mention a bit humiliated, since I had made such a point of announcing my inclusion in the book to anybody within earshot over the last six months. Oh, well, at least I got a chuckle over their fragmented syntax. As Ribs Weissman so eloquently put it, this is how they repay us for saving their hash in World Wars I and II?! *sigh*

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