George Corbett update


Back in May I wrote about the mystery of George Corbett. Since I had exhausted all other options, I was encouraged to develop the film in his camera to see if it yielded some clues. I finally got the chance to drop off the film last Friday, but before I got a chance to pick up the developed photos, I got a phone call. From George Corbett’s wife! Seems one of the telephone numbers I found in George’s notebook actually had gotten through, to a decaying answering machine which the Corbetts finally listened to.

Mrs. Corbett was very grateful that I had called them. She told me George’s jeep had been broken into that fateful night on Grand Army Plaza, and I had recovered what the thieves left behind. I felt bad that I had developed the film, but she wasn’t concerned. Now I can return the camera, the notes, and some photos.

The only thing is she told me that George himself would call me back to arrange picking everything up. That was four days ago, and I haven’t heard from him. Does he exist or not? The mystery deepens.

Tonight I’m going to pick up the developed pix…

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