Since I decided to drive the portion of my book tour from Austin to Houston to New Orleans, Pantheon was kind enough to set me up with a rental car — equipped with a GPS navigation system. I am digging it. It enabled me to get to my friends Tori & Neil’s house, where I’m staying; then to the KUT radio station for an interview; then for a visit with the Austin crew of Domy Books (where I’ll be signing in Houston); then to Book People, where I gave a presentation and did a signing; and then back to Tori & Neil’s — all without having any idea where I actually was. I never consulted a map or made any sense of the windy Austin roads; I just followed the directions of my handy GPS guide. It reminds me of what it’s like when you’re a kid and you just ride around in the back seat of your parents’ car. You know where you live, and some basic landmarks, but you would have no idea how or where to go on your own. Power without responsibility.

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