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My ERV excursions the last couple of days have led me through some amazingly devastated areas. I’ve even been able to take photos here and there. Here are a few:

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[trees along Route 90]

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[the tugboat S.S. Hurricane Camille, ironically named after the last big hurricane stranded it along Route 90. There used to be a gift shop attached, but no longer.]

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[what’s left of the Days Inn and Suites at the Beach, 4128 W Beach Blvd (at 42nd Avenue)]

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[someone’s Mercedes still in its garage. the story is that the tree fell on the garage and pinned the car there while the storm surge washed the rest of the house away.]

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[Eagle Point, an area fairly far from the coast. somehow a boat made its way into someone’s front yard. that’s a pickup truck half-buried in the mud.]

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  1. i live on the ms gulf coast.. the devastation here is like none i’ve ever seen.. having grown up down here, life has changed and nothing is as we once knew it to be.. the biloxi-ocean springs bridge is/was a big part of life and business down here and it was washed out during the storm.. what do you do when that’s all you know and now it’s gone?.. to clear something up.. the “S.S. Hurricane Camille” was brought ashore by Hurricane Camille.. a gift shop once stood next to it and the boat itself was a landmark along Highway 90.. it’s been there since Camille hit the coast.. well.. as a MS gulf coast resident.. i want to say thanks for all your help down here and showing others what MS looks like.. everyhing focuses so much on New Orleans.. that we get looked over quite often

    1. Mari, I’m glad you got something from me writing about my experiences. I didn’t know anything about the Biloxi/Gulfport area until I arrived, and despite the circumstances I really enjoyed getting to know the area and the people. I sincerely hope I’ll be able to visit again when things are rebuilt — and I’m confident they will be.
      Thanks for correcting me about the S.S. Hurricane Camille. I had heard that the boat was already a Highway 90 landmark before Katrina, but you confirmed it. Stay strong!

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