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Today’s edition of the New York Daily News features a profile of yours truly and my “blook” Katrina Came Calling. I had a nice conversation with the writer, Clem Richardson, and they devoted a whole page of the paper to it. Other than some mistakes on my chronology over the last ten years, the story is even basically accurate! You can find the piece here (though it’s missing the two dramatic photos from the actual story).

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    1. hee hee. i was hoping you in particular would catch that.
      and, yes, for some reason i’m a real daily news type of guy — back in 2001, they ran a piece about women proposing marriage to their boyfriends, and sari & i were featured.

  1. I didn’t know who your mother was before. I went to Mason Gross. I had almost no interaction with her, because I was a lousy student who wasn’t very much involved in anything, and had very little interaction with any of the faculty – but, hey, that’s still pretty neat.

    1. i keep my name different from hers so i don’t get swept up in the culture of celebrity that surrounds her! (not technically true, in any sense.)

  2. Great article. I love that it has your life story! It makes it feel more like a “This American Life” story than just a 1010 WINS 20-second “feel-good” filler.

  3. Daily News Josh
    Nice going, even if Clem made enough chronogical errors to fail a basic journalism class! (Tho, in his defense, his typical piece probably begins “Shirley Faldippi’s famly has lived in the same bay ridge home for 120 years…” – your path is a tough line to follow!)
    Can you post the pictures? (Scan ’em?)
    and how does clem compare to usa today’s whitney in terms of moving “katrina came callin'” copies??
    Congrats again (even if the mention in US News was ultimately more impressive – also owned by Mort Zuckerman! Wonder if he reads your blog…)

    1. Re: Daily News Josh
      thanks! in response to your key question, um, let’s see:
      US News mention: 54 sales
      Daily News mention: 0 sales
      Given that Whitney’s readership is a totally different demographic than Clem’s, it still boggles the mind. I mean, the Daily News has a circulation of almost 800,000 — you’re telling me not a single one was motivated by the profile to buy a copy of KCC?!? Wow.
      p.s. nice avatar!

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