Katrina Came Calling Has Come Calling


Katrina Came CallingAfter a week’s delay at the printer, I finally got my 100 copies of Katrina Came Calling. It’s exciting to have a tangible testament to my Mississippi adventure.

I’ve already sent out copies to all those who ordered them (thank you very much!), as well as the comps to the folks who contributed to the project (thank YOU very much!). I also plan to bring a bunch to the New York Comic-Con, which will be happening at the Javits Center next weekend (Feb. 24-26), and where I’ll be at the Alternative Comics table.

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    1. I think it is tragic what has happened. All the homeless and poor people stuck under a dome. I hope all we learned the lesson and became stronger.

    1. It came! On Wednesday! With the inscription! Thank you!
      It’s a little weird seeing my LJ name in print, but I like it. And while I read most of the entries in the LJ version of real-time, it’s wonderful how to read it as part of continuous narrative — it really hangs together well. I’m so glad that you included the photos, they add such a good sense of place.
      I hope you’re having a good time at the Javits this weekend, and I hope that this book inspires other people to do some volunteering. You really laid it on the line about what is required, and how rewarding it can be.
      Thank you!

      1. no, thank you! it’s not just lip service when i say every single comment i included in the final package was integral to the project. in my opinion, KCC is a much stronger book because it encompasses all your voices, not just mine.

  1. Very cool. I really enjoyed reading your blog entries about your experience. There’s an application out now called Booksmart that can apparently take a blog and spit it out in bookform, pictures and all. I think it’s great that more and more people are able to serialize their stuff on the web for cheap and then publish a hard copy if they want to. Good luck to you on “Katrina”!

  2. Hey there. I just paid for a copy thru paypal — but, like a dickhead, forgot to ask if postage to australia would be a tad more expensive. Let me know, eh? My email address is easily linked to this journal address.

    1. Malena,
      Thanks so much for your interest in KCC. From what I can figure out, it’ll cost me about US $5 to send it to Australia. So I need another $3, if you don’t mind!

  3. I received my copy today in the mail. Thanks a lot for it Josh. I went through the pages briefly and think you have an awesome book. I was a bit shocked to see how much I was quoted in there. It felt surreal to be reading my own words in a published book. I share in your excitement, and hoping that this isn’t a bit too forward, but wishing for you to sell all copies and actually generate a demand for more.
    I think a book like this would go over well here on the coast. Sadly no book stores survived. There was one in Edgewater Mall (Biloxi), and out of all of the stores which opened back up that Waldenbooks was not one of them. Then the Books-A-Million across the street was destroyed too. Still closed, and the Barnes & Noble in North Gulfport was destroyed as well, but it has an expected re-opening date of Early 2006. Still I believe this book would go over well.

    1. Glad you’re happy with the book so far! I’m curious what you’ll think when you read the whole thing. I want to stress again how grateful I am that you showed up on my blog and contributed as much as you did to the “conversation.” I feel like it was vital for someone like yourself to weigh in who was actually from the Gulf Coast, since the vast majority of my readers are not from the region. So thank you again and again — the book (such as it is) wouldn’t exist without you and the other people who left comments.
      Depressing news about the bookstores. I think that says something about the way societies — and their priorities — are changing…

      1. I wouldn’t get too discouraged over the bookstores, simply because it isn’t only they who haven’t rebuilt. A large majority of this area is still in ruin. There is absolutely nothing along the beach, in fact, the beach itself is still barricaded off. The debris piles remain in place from the day after still. At this point most people are concerned with clearing neighborhoods and rebuilding houses. Those stores that had the majority of their business in-tact reopened, and those who didn’t haven’t.
        I know for a fact that the two major bookstores in this area were booming. Sales had to be good in spite of internet sales. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think after I read the entire book.
        Speaking of this region, recently the ABC hit TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition visited Biloxi, MS to create and unveiled a monument to the victims and storm of Hurricane Katrina. The celebration was last Wednesday and the show will air in March-April. I thought I would pass that along to you since you are a part of why this special edition of Extreme Makeover was created.
        Here is an news article about it:

  4. Re: Kitchen 36 website
    thanks for the info, l8blmr (clever handle, that)! i never visited kitchen 36, but i think i met some of them when they shut down and sent the castaways came over to us at kitchen 35. that’s cool that they have their own website.

  5. Re: Kitchen 36 website
    Could you please edit this entry to omit my name, email address, IM accounts, and links to the instuctions page. I do not want the bots to spider the instruction page and email address and my name and IM accounts. I added code to the website to prevent this on the kitchen36.com website, but having the links, etc here will make them spiderable. I appreciate the posting, but please omit the personal info. Thank You.
    The Webmaster

    1. Re: Kitchen 36 website
      unfortunately, there’s no option for editing comments, so to prevent your fears from coming true, i just went ahead and deleted the whole comment.

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