Last Day/Out-Processing


Performance Narrative
Image hosted by“Josh Neufeld has been an excellent E.R.V support crew member. His work is characterized by promptness, efficiency, and attention to detail. We have had a lot of positive feedback from both the more experienced drivers who have worked with him and the ‘newbies’ who have come with no previous E.R.V. experience. Our ‘newbies’ are encouraged by his patience and helpfulness during their ‘training’ on the E.R.V.’s, and we have seen evidence of this, here at the kitchen, in his interaction with other volunteers as well. It has been a pleasure working with Josh.”
— Esther Jung-Yoon Park, E.R.V. Coordinator

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[what i found when i came home wednesday afternoon. i’m a lucky guy!]

0 thoughts on “Last Day/Out-Processing

    1. i am too. it meant a lot to me to see that in the three weeks i was there, distinct improvement had been made in people’s lives and they were on the verge of being able to take care of themselves again.

  1. Welcome back, sir! Hope you can get a few days of well deserved rest, and enjoy the privacy and relaxation of some leisurely early morning “constitutionals” (as I like to call them).

    1. thanks, man.
      i have indeed returned to my old ways in the john. so nice.
      actually, one slightly disappointing thing was how quickly i reacclimated to the flush toilet. i thought it might take me a little time to get used to it, but, no, i knew exactly what to do, and accepted the miracle of indoor plumbing without much thought.
      i sure don’t miss the port-a-potties, though; i’ll tell you that!

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