Inspired by the birth of our baby girl, my travel companion, sometime-collaborator, and life-long love, Sari (who’s also a published fiction writer and a former Stegner and Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center fellow) has joined the blogging ranks.

Titled “Muttering,” her online journal uses the occasion of first-time motherhood as its jumping-off point. Get it? “Mothering”? “Muttering”? Pretty clever, I dare say. Anyway, Sari’s been periodically jotting down her insights, impressions, questions, prose poems, and elegant mini-essays since the little one was born back in July, so there’s a nice backlog of material for those interested. (And comments are welcome — Sari loves a good dialogue).

Check it out here. (And don’t ask me why she didn’t host the blog on LJ!)

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