New Caledonian Communard


Fresh from the success of Gone Missing, The Civilians have a new show, This Beautiful City,  already in production in Colorado Springs,  and a second one in the works. To that end, they asked me to whip up an illo for a fund-raiser they’ve got coming up in NYC in May. The play is called Paris Commune, and the illo refers to the captured Communards who were exiled to the Polynesian island of New Caledonia. So here’s our little revolutionary in his new tropical garb:

Paris Commune

And here’s info about the benefit, which your welcome to attend, if you’ve got $25-$150 to spare:

Communards in the South Pacific

Monday, May 12, 8 PM to 1 AM, Performance at 9 PM
Element Nightclub, 225 East Houston Street
@ Essex Street / Avenue A, New York, NY 10002

Enjoy drinks and dancing in this Lower East Side club, surrounded by The Civilians’ artists, friends, and supporters. This benefit event will include complimentary sponsored drinks, full cash bar, light hors d’oeuvres, and a silent auction.

In honor of our production of Paris Commune at the Public Theater, the company will perform a special sequel to the revolution. Following the Communards (in song) from life in the streets of Paris to exile on the French Polynesian island of New Caledonia, this one-time only event is guaranteed to prove that the fight (and the show) must go on.

Tickets $25 to $150. R.S.V.P. at or by calling (212) 730-2019.

3 thoughts on “New Caledonian Communard

  1. 1873, Paris Commune
    I love your illustration!!!
    I wish i could see this play.
    I’ve been kind of interested in the Communards for years because I love the Clash/Allen Ginsberg collaboration “Ghetto Defendant”.

    1. Re: 1873, Paris Commune
      Thanks, Dave. The Civilians do awesome work — always based on personal interviews or archival documents — and then mixed with hilarious, catchy, cabaret music. I can’t wait to see the show myself. Wasn’t familiar with the Clash song — but of course that’s because I’m country, not punk! ;->

      1. Re: 1873, Paris Commune
        Do yourself a favor and buy “Combat Rock”, which also has the timeless classic “Rock the Casbah”. I would have assumed that you grew up breakdancing, tagging trains, listening to the Clash and the Sugar Hill Gang… But then, of course, you are country.

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