5 thoughts on “NY Times: "Glossy Idealism on the Front Lines"

    1. Re: Mad Clipper
      Yeah, I inherited the clipping disease from my mom—and then later from Howard Chaykin. When was Chaykin’s assistant in the mid-80s, I worked for a graphic designer next door, and I would hang out over in Upstart Studios (Chaykin & Simonson). Chaykin had this whole clipping file of reference pictures. So of course I had to have one too. I carted that thing around with me for years until I finally ditched it in favor of the Internet (and Google Images). But I still have tons of files, even for things I could totally find on the ‘net. I’ve had to fight being a mad clipper my whole life!

      1. Re: Mad Clipper
        I’ve been slowly getting rid of my image files as well. Once I clipped out tons of photos from old train magazines *just in case* I ever drew a comic the involved old trains. Thank you, google image search, for making life so much easier for us artists!
        I still wanna clip things to make collages. Your mothers work is inspiring! She’s a forerunner of punk and zinester art. Mad props to the mad clipper.

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