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<–On the Other Hand–>I received a very cool object in the mail the other day. Peter S. Conrad sent me a hand-made, hardcover edition of On The Other Hand, an anthology of comics drawn by cartoonists (including mself) using their non-dominant hand. If I may say so, it’s a really neat book!

With contributions from such luminaries as Kaz, Renee French, K. Thor Jensen, John Hankiewicz, Onsmith, Jigsaw proprietor benjones, and Peter Conrad himself, to name a few, this book has some really great talent involved. It’s interesting to see how similar — or different — the cartoonist’s work looks when drawn with their other hand. French and Onsmith’s stuff, for instance, looks remarkably similar to their “normal” work while Kaz’s looks like it was drawn by a different artist entirely. Personally, I thought my piece looked very different from my typical style (mostly because I inked it with pens rather than a brush), but in the end I have to admit it’s not that much of a departure…

[You can check out my two-pager, “Josh and I,” here..]

Anyway, On The Other Hand is well worth checking out, if you can afford the steep price tag. Since each book is part of a limited edition, is hand-made and hand-stitched (and it is hardcover, after all), Conrad is forced to charge $20 per book. Think of it as a deluxe mini-comic! Here’s where you can purchase a copy…

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  1. Whoops!
    no wonder “Kaz’s looks like it was drawn by a different artist entirely” — it was! I just received this “erratum” from the publisher, Peter S. Conrad: “The artist referred to in this book as ‘Kaz’ prefers to be credited using his full name, Kazimir Strzepek, to avoid confusion with another artist known as Kaz.”

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