Portrait by Seth Kushner


Brooklynites author and freelance photographer Seth Kushner shot my portrait today, for his new project on New York City cartoonists. (man_size , purvision, dangoldman , zegas, bertozzi , and heartshapedkey are some of the previous subjects of Kushner’s lens.) Kudos to purvision for suggesting Seth shoot me in the context of a stoop sale (which—in honor of A.D.—I gave a strong New Orleans flavor). I don’t normally photograph well, but I love the way this image came out. I really dig Seth’s dramatic lighting and desaturated colors; believe it or not, this image was shot on a lovely sunny spring day. Anyway, click on the photo if you’d like to see a larger version. And thanks again, Seth!

14 thoughts on “Portrait by Seth Kushner

    1. I forgot to mention your wind-swept doggy portrait! Very nice
      P.S. We’re having our annual stoop sale this time on Sat., May 31, at 241 Carroll St.

  1. Hey, LOOK! Glad it worked out. I’d been talking to Seth and he mentioned he was going to shoot you soon but didn’t know what to do for a setup. I remembered an ancient LJ post you had about stoop-sales and he liked the idea…

    1. It was a great idea! And it was perfect for evoking the chaos of a hurricane-swept landscape after the storm swept through. Very meta. Thanks again, Leland

  2. Great shot, Josh. Love the Mardi Gras beads! Thanks for sending me the copy of your acutely observed “Katrina Came Calling.”. Did I ever give you a copy of my book, “Flea Market America”? If not, give me a shout. As a stoop sale man, you’d definitely appreciate it……Cree

  3. Damn, that’s just so you and so perfect. The casualness and calm of it instead of usually very excited and ominous feeling of Seth’s photos (which I also enjoy) gives it a great strength.

  4. Great Photo!
    I also looked through his other cartoonist photos. Good stuff! I esp liked Gabrielle Bell’s. He captured something of her intensity.

  5. She either has given birth or has a very good idea what it entails. Social customs being what they are, she’s probably cleaned more messes – done more laundry, more dishes, more toilets.

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