Keyhole 25


All-new 25th-anniversary issue of Dean Haspiel & Josh Neufeld’s eclectic two-man anthology, presented in a unique flip book format.

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Longtime friends and cartoonists Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld celebrate a quarter-century of collaborations with a new issue of the comic that started it all: KEYHOLE COMICS!

Keyhole was an acclaimed two-man indie anthology that ran for six issues in the 1990s. Since then, Josh & Dino have achieved quite a lot in their individual careers. But in the spirit of collaboration and competition that has always fueled their friendship, the two men have reunited for a 25th-anniversary seventh issue of Keyhole.

This issue is chock-full of Josh & Dino’s signature stories: in Josh’s case true-life tales of the pandemic, food riots, and the story of his own name; while Dino regales us with stories of the Red Hook, Frankenstein, and Molotov Marshmallows. Confused? You’ll have to buy KEYHOLE 25 to figure it out!

KEYHOLE 25 is presented in a unique “flip-book” fashion with two front covers, one by each man. Also included is a special center-spread history of Keyhole, written by pop culture guru Whitney Matheson.

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