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A little over a year ago, my buddy Rob Walker wrote an article about word-of-mouth or “buzz” marketing, in which people recommend commercial products to people — for free. In other words, they act as shills to their friends and loved ones just to feel “part” of something. Unfathomable.

So, last week I received an email out of the blue, from a movie studio rep who had come across my recent post about zombie flicks. Seems his company was putting out a (presumably) straight-to-DVD zombie flick, and, yep, he wanted me to help him. But this is the best part: having read my post, he labeled me a “reputable influencer.” Is that too awesome for words?!?

Anyway, without offering to show me the movie (let alone compensate me in any way), he asked me to plug the flick on my blog. He didn’t respond to my request for clarification, so… Sorry, guy.

I guess I’m just an asshole — a Reputable Influencer Asshole.

Think I should print up T-shirts?

11 thoughts on “Reputable Influencer

  1. Reputable Influence T-Shirts!!!!
    The future demands it!!!!
    Thamesrhodes prank of the day:
    Browse the web for interesting folks, Bush Zelots, Religious Right-Wingers, Tree Hugging Hippies, whomever captures your fancy.
    Contact them and say “I read your blog, blah blah blah, and I think you would be a perfect candidate to promote SATAN!”
    Lay your pitch on them with a straight face.
    “Clearly you would be the Ideal person to promote the exploitation of the environment”

    1. intriguing, but i am obligated to use my reputable influencing responsibly. as you know, with great influence comes great responsibility.

  2. Let the people decide!
    don’t hoard your influence? Let the people decide! Share info about the zombie flick!
    doesn’t he know he could post a comment to your blog and pimp the film by himself? Or would you delete it (earning your RIA stripes?)

    1. Re: Let the people decide!
      that’s the thing: he never sent me the film — he wanted me to plug it sight unseen!
      we still on for tomorrow?

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