Sydney Morning Herald on A.D. and "serious" comics


This weekend’s Spectrum supplement of the Sydney Morning Herald features a long piece on me, A.D., and serious/literary graphic novels. I really enjoyed talking to the writer, Samantha Selinger-Morris, and I think she did a nice job on the story. Written for a general (Australian) audience, it does a good job of introducing the lit-comix concept and providing context for A.D. It also has a recommended reading list at the end, which includes Joe Sacco’s work, Eddie Campbell, Chris Ware, Alison Bechdel, Rutu Modan, Logicomix, and more.

I’ll be visiting Australia for the Sydney Writers Festival in May, so this is a nice way to break the ice a bit for Aussie readers who probably have never heard of me or my book.

Check it out!

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