The Library Journal on "A.D."

A.D., Publicity

Just saw this one, in the July 15 issue of Library Journal:

Hurricane Katrina brought devastation to millions of lives, including seven profiled here. Social worker Denise is penned in at the convention center. Young couple Leo and Michelle are evacuating and lose most of their possessions to flooding. Abbas and Darnell stay to guard their convenience store and end up on the roof. Kwame, the pastor’s son, is sent to finish high school in Berkeley, CA. And Brobson, the doctor with an unscathed French Quarter residence, sets up a makeshift clinic. The simple and realistic art features color wash in different tones. Neufeld, who volunteered for the Red Cross after the storm, originally published his account as a web comic through the storytelling site SMITH Magazine. "I think a big part of me was swept away in that hurricane," admits Denise in this painful documentary of loss, speaking for thousands still rebuilding their lives. VERDICT An effective and moving model of comics with a social consciousness; strong language may limit access to adults in some libraries.

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