THE VAGABONDS #2 “Certified Cool” in the August PREVIEWS

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The August Previews catalog (for comics shipping in October) is now in stores, and it features my solo book THE VAGABONDS #2 — with a “Certified Cool” rating! Thanks, Diamond!

You can find the listing on p. 222. The book is published by Alternative Comics. The Diamond Order Code is AUG062933. The catalog also features relistings of THE VAGABONDS #1 (2003) and TITANS OF FINANCE (2001), if you want to complete your Neufeld collection. Please consider pre-ordering a copy, and please tell your local comics retailer(s) to order some for his/her other customers.

Here’s some more info about THE VAGABONDS #2:

Xeric Award-winning cartoonist Josh Neufeld returns with The Vagabonds #2: Of Two Minds, featuring an array of Neufeld’s comics collaborations. Collaboration has always been part of Neufeld’s comix repertoire — with Dean Haspiel in Keyhole and R. Walker in Titans of Finance, with Duplex Planet Illustrated‘s David Greenberger, and with American Splendor‘s Harvey Pekar (still ongoing). And in The Vagabonds #2, that tradition continues — with some strange twists and turns. Contributors include Pekar, Greenberger, Walker, artist Martha Rosler, award-winning poet/memoirist Nick Flynn, literary cult figure Eileen Myles, and the New York downtown theater company The Civilians — as well such offbeat collaborators as The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” a 1980 issue of Superman, and Neufeld’s own mirror reflection! A good collaboration is a conversation between artist and writer, each challenging the other, with the result truly being Of Two Minds.

THE VAGABONDS #2 is purple ink on cream paper, 32 pages, oversized, 7-3/4″ x 9-1/4″, $3.95. ISBN: 1-891867-17-2. Diamond Item Code: AUG062933; Oct. 2006. More info and samples here.

thanks to chatterbox_dc for the boilerplate.

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      1. I think you’ve just figured out why we can never beat Diamond. Maybe we should play volleyball next year. (I almost said football, but with the size of some of those Diamond guys I think we’d end up with some dead cartoonists.)

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