Titans of Finance one-shot due in August from Alternative Comics


Regarding American Splendor: Portrait of the Artist in His Declining Years, the Comics Buyer’s Guide says that “the best stories are illustrated by Haspiel … and Neufeld,” so who am I to argue?

And it’s now official: Alternative Comics will indeed by publishing Titans of Finance as a deluxe one-shot this August. 24 pages, printed on money-green paper with dark green ink, all for $3.50. What a bargain! Here’s what our promotional blurb says about the issue: ‘Titans aims for where the action is, delivering America a swift kick in the business. Meet Ron Perelman, the man who made millions while presiding over the Mighty Marvel Comics train wreck. He’s just one of the characters in this ground-breaking collection of true tales from the world of money and business. Over the past five years, Titans has crushed the benchmark S&P 500. You’ve never seen anything like it. Titans features the crisp art of Josh Neufeld, and the incisive scripts of the mysterious R. Walker. These tales “hit the mark,” says Harvey Pekar, and are “a brilliant use of the medium,” according to TheStreet.com’s James J. Cramer.’ (For more info, visit http://www.indyworld.com/tof)

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