Two-Faced Personal Ad


Seen today posted in the Clark Street 2/3 subway station:

Harvey Dent

The fine print says, “P.S. I read that this worked once in NYC, so I thought I would give it [a] shot. I know it’s a little crazy, but it’s not bad to try to do a crazy thing on occasion, right?”

10 thoughts on “Two-Faced Personal Ad

      1. Wow, maybe so. I prolly just read it that way cos I would totally wear that button, partly because it’s awesome and partly SHEERLY IN THE HOPES that someone would react in just this way.

  1. I’m thinking this is WB’s viral marketing for the Dark Knight. Note how it describes the writer “I was reading a book…” but not *also* the person wearing a button, which is usually how these “I saw you…” ads go.

    1. Yeah, I’m starting to think you’re right. Also, it doesn’t specify the train line or the time of the day.
      The whole world is a commercial, and we’re just living in it

    2. not a publicity stunt
      i couldn’t live with the mystery, so i wrote to the email address on the sign, and this is what i got in response:
      “not a publicity stunt. I’m a dude. the girl with the button was very pretty. I never got a reply from or about her. two-face is my favorite batman villain.”
      though i feel bad for the “dude,” i’m glad it wasn’t all some viral marketing campaign.

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