Water, Water Everywhere


Sari has produced all sorts of liquids, including barf, bloody show, and now her waters have broken. So it’s back to the hospital for us.

Sari & Gabriela have been doing some wonderful dance movement partnering. (Gabriela has a dance background similar to Sari’s, which is a big part of why we chose her as our doula.) Sari has found new reservoirs of tenacity, and is powering through her contractions with quiet determination.

She’s the best!

13 thoughts on “Water, Water Everywhere

    Say it loud and there’s music playing! Say it softly and it’s almost like praying.
    J-bird, all my thoughts and prayers and wishes and whatever are with you and Sari and the wee Kreutzfeld-Jacob-Wilson-Neufeld. XXOOOXXXXOOO

  2. I rode my bike over to the hospital @1:45AM and convinced the guard I was a family member and went up to the 3rd floor where you folks were. The nurse promised she would tell you I was there and had me sit in the waiting room. I watched 2 & 1/2 episodes of THE COSBY SHOW [better than I remembered] before I decided to leave @2:45AM. I figured, there was no way you were going to leave Sari’s side to see me and I wondered if she was giving birth the entire hour I was there. Sorry I couldn’t stick around longer. Isolation can get boring. Besides, I don’t know if the nurse ever told you I was there in the first place.
    When I wake up, I expect a phone call sometime tomorrow [today!] and I can’t wait to read your next blog about the actual birth!

    1. Late night Cosby
      Let’s see — I guess you got there just about the time Dr. Russell showed up (looking like she’d been pulled out of bed), and left right around the time she broke Sari’s waters. Then the waiting really began, as Sari’s labor stalled for about 8 hours.
      Thanks for coming by and withstanding The Cosby Show on our behalf. From now on, you should wear a colorfully patterned sweater whenever you visit li’l Phoebe.

  3. Just woke up and am glad for the update! My imagination is running wild and I can’t wait to hear what’s happening now. You are BOTH amazing. I know it’s a marathon of endurance. Sending love your way.
    (I asked for Kai’s prediction on the baby being a boy or girl and he has settled on just a “big baby!”)

  4. on making loud noise
    last week we had no hot water and i had to take a brutally icy, not merely cool, shower (the pain of which was no doubt exactly like labor?) and i discovered that if i sang really loud arias i could withstand the pain and even sort of forget about it! this is a useful breakthrough in our apartment.
    so when you describe making pep-rally noise with sari during contractions i felt like i got it!
    i wonder what’s going on at the hospital right now??

  5. yowsa
    lila wants to know what bloody show is…um…how to explain?
    we’re now all actively following the baby adventures (lila wants drawings too – i tried to say it’s not the best time.)
    hope all is well!

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