Yadda Yadda Sunday

A.D., Publicity

The deluge of A.D. press coverage continues! (Apologies for the distasteful metaphor…) Today was a day of interviews, as I did a live 30-minute bit on Austin’s KAZI Community Radio, chatting with host Hopeton Hay. Hopeton is an original New Orleanian and he does a weekly books show for KAZI every Sunday.

Typical me: I did everything possible to prepare for the live interview, locking myself in to the bedroom, turning off the call waiting, and shutting down my cell phone — and I still somehow managed to get disconnected twice during a live interview! But Hopeton handled it all with aplomb, and we succeeded in having a nice discussion about my background, my Red Cross deployment, A.D.‘s origins, and my thoughts about the future of New Orleans.

Also posting on the web today is Tom Spurgeon’s extensive conversation with me on The Comics Reporter. And wrapping up the trio of interviews is the newest episode of Alex Telander’s BookBanter podcast.

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