39 and 364


So today is the last day of thirties. I’m trying to spend a little time thinking about that milestone.

When I was a kid, it seemed that turning 30 meant you were an adult; when my parents were young, turning 20 meant you were an adult. Now it seems increasingly like 40 is the (arbitrary) marking point. But whatever I thought being an “adult” would be, I don’t feel like I’ve achieved it yet!

I can’t say I’m happy to be turning 40, but I’m more at peace with it than I would have been without Phoebe. After all, I suppose being a parent is a sign of being “grown up.” And she is a pretty amazing early birthday present!

In other respects, I guess I can look back on my thirties with some measure of pride. I married my lifelong love. I published a book and a number of comics. I established a viable freelance career doing what I love. I’m working on a graphic novel project that I’m passionate about. I bought an apartment. I have many wonderful friends. I’m living in one of the world’s greatest cities. And now I’m a new dad!

The one thing that boggles my mind is the fact that when my mom was the age I am now, I was already 16 years old! (When Phoebe’s 16, I’ll be 56!) There’s no way I could have imagined being a parent at 24, like she and my dad were. But that was her generation, and this is ours.

So on to the 40s. Time to come up with some new goals.

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  1. Dude, you’re old!
    I didn’t know you were so much older than me. I’m still only 39 and a half.
    I was born in ’67 too, and my mom was only 24 too. Hard to imagine. She told me that there was much more of a drive to have kids back then. And there are still women out there who have their first at age 20 or younger. If I wasn’t so wrapped up in being an “Artist”, I may have become a parent in my 20’s as well.
    Happy birthday in advance!

  2. Happy B-Day. I hit 40 earlier this year and did the whole look back at what you did each decade thing. I only feel like I’ve been alive for the last 10 or so years based on what I accomplished career-wise. Good times!

      1. Heh heh. Even though I’ve yet to meet Molly in person, I was shocked to learn she was forty!!! But thanks for the pep talk, whoever you are

  3. Happy Birthday.
    Turning 40 was not so fun for me, it is definitely a time for taking stock and thinking over life. A mid point, a question mark. Fatherhood also helped me feel I’d at least accomplished something with my life thus far. I think this is true for many people.
    I’m 42 now. Life is strange, fleeting in a way.

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