"A.D." a New York Times bestseller

A.D., Publicity

The New York Times (thanks in large part to the advocacy of writer George Gene Gustines) recently created three new bestseller lists, all related to comics (or as the Times calls them, "graphic books"). And A.D. made it on the list!

Debuting on the September 6 "Hardcover Graphic Books" list at #10, A.D. was one of the few graphic books not about Batman. As Larry Smith wrote on the A.D. blog, "It’s a fitting place for a book with seven very real superheroes who go by the names Leo, Michelle, Denise, Kwame, Abbas, Darnell, and The Doctor." Even more exciting, the next week A.D. moved up the list to #4… before dropping off the list entirely the following week.

Still, that makes A.D. an official "bestseller," something we’ll be sure to proclaim proudly if the book goes to press — and when the paperback edition comes out next August.

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