This is the last time i’ll write about my finger or physical therapy:

The other day, while Mayte was working on my finger, she passed on some important knowledge. Tapping the outside of my hand, between my wrist and my pinkie, she said, “This is what boxers break.” Indicating the other side of my hand/wrist, she explained, “This is what skaters break.” Pointing to my middle finger, she told me, “This is what basketball players break.” And then, pointing to my broken finger she said, “This is what little Jewish boys break.”


5 thoughts on “Anecdote

    1. yeah… BUT she did wrap the finger for the weekend in a delightful HOT PINK compression bandage.
      ain’t i lucky?
      p.s. in the last week i’ve played basketball and three games of softball, so at least i got back on the proverbial horse!

  1. Ack! United by heritage?
    From Warren C:
    This morning, I got a severe finger burn on the stove….and yup…ring finger, writing hand.
    LJB syndrome?

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