P.T. part II – illustrated

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Just to fill in the gaps a bit, here are some shots of a recent visit to my friends at Park Slope Physical Therapy.

Attached to the electrical stimulator — “Igor, he’s alive!!!”
Now that we’re warmed up, it’s play time
You should hear the tune i can play on this thing
Just like palming a basketball.
Yet another balloon filled with rice
To prevent me from becoming limp-wristed — repeat 30 times
Much harder than it looks
Green is an easy color
Ultrasound time — Mayte shows off her own artistic skills
How about Mayte’s manicure?
This is the hard part, when Mayte bends and squeezes the finger with no mercy. i ain’t happy. (i also need a haircut.)
Sad flaccid.
All wrapped up and ready to go

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