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Writer and writing teacher Jill Dearman (Bang the Keys), who just happens to live in my building (and who went to college with

!), just interviewed me for the Barnes & Noble blog "Unabashedly Bookish." I like the title of the piece, "He is a Camera; Josh Neufeld’s Cinematic Take on Hurricane Katrina." The interview is half A.D. and half just me: Jill asked some unusual questions, which I enjoyed answering, including my writing/drawing process, my personal obsessions, and what artists, writers, and teachers have influenced me the most. Check it out here.

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  1. How about this one?
    I love 70’s westerns, but your description is not really ringing a bell for me. So I did some googling… Was it “Dirty Little Billy”?

    I’ve never seen it, but it seems to match your description. MUDDY!
    In my searching I also learned that there is a term for countercultural Westerns: Acid-Western. But it was only coined in the mid-90’s to describe “Dead Man” starring Johnny Depp. I think before Acid-Western, they were simply called Political Westerns.

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