Chuggin' along


The contractions are continuing, irregularly, anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes apart. Still not too strong (‘tho nothing I’d wanna suffer through!), and not usually lasting more than 30-45 seconds. We’ve been practicing touch therapy. I just put my hand on a part of Sari’s back where it’s tense, and she relaxes at that spot. It really helps.

So far, Sari’s favorite labor positions are kneeling on the floor, with her head resting on the seat of a chair; and standing up with me behind her in a “slow-dance” position, with my hands on her belly. I’m glad I can help her in some little way as she goes through this intense process.

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  1. if u need a ride…
    …In the rain with car service delays, call us! At holland tunnel at 3, back in brooklyn in 15 min and standing by! – Warren and ali

  2. excited! excited!
    Thanks for sending the blog updates Joshie!! Wow, I’m so excited to think of what you guys are both going through right now. Sari’s actually having contractions at this momemt. Whoa. Thank goodness you are both feeling better. We are thinking about you and will keep close to phone and computer for any updates.
    love, love, love,
    Paisley and Dean

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