Gettin' there…


Gabriela, our doula, is here now. Contractions are closer together, and getting stronger. We could be heading over to the hospital sooner rather than later. My dad is driving us; better than a car service with this rain we’re having.

Our doctor isn’t on call today! This is quite worrisome. Hopefuly, she’ll reappear in the nick of time. She swore to us she delivers 90+% of her patients’ babies.

0 thoughts on “Gettin' there…

  1. Fashionabley late a la the wilsons
    We are so excited and sending positive thoughts in your direction. We love you! Keep up the slow dancing!
    Evan & Lauren

  2. Joshy-
    Thanks for the updates – this is so exciting, my first blog birth…
    I’m staying tuned
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better too.

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