Craigslist creepiness


I recently listed a “gently-used” set of Ikea shelves on Craigslist for $15. That’s fifteen dollars. Here’s a response I got to my post from “Eury”:

hi i am very interested in this book shelf i want to give it as a Christmas present to my girl friend . how ever i don’t have the 51 dollars your asking but i can trade u some things for it would mean a lot to me if u would consider my offer..

i could trade u 2 DVD players plus some jordan sneakers and a georgio armani leather jacket which was actually kinda very expensive and only worn 3 times because it fits me kinda large but i am only 5 feet and 5 inches tall so its not hard to understand why

please call me to the following number and let me know if u are interested asap or email me back..thank you

Weirdly enough, i didn’t take Eury up on his offer. Did I err?

0 thoughts on “Craigslist creepiness

    1. Yeah, but you’ve got crack ho’s in your local alleyways. That’s something, right?
      Anyway, if it makes you feel better, the girl I sold the shelves to was just a nice normal NYU co-ed.

      1. Normality – pshaw.
        On the other point, I hate to make the obvious joke, but just when I think the spectre of Marion Barry has passed on from our fair city, I get reminded of it. And/or he gets re-elected to something.
        Honestly, I think part of the reason DC doesn’t have representation in Congress is three words: SENATOR. MARION. BARRY.
        Not that I’m defending our disenfranchisement, but you know.

    1. DVD players, Jordan sneakers, Armani jackets — I’m thinkin’ “fell off the back of a truck,” am I right? Russian mafia, all the way. Who knows, if I’d called him back, I might be dead now!

  1. Wait! a counteroffer!
    Wait! I have for trade you some disco pants, a pencil, a bowl of ramen noodles (out of box and cooked but still good for eating) and a giant clock with visible gears! all for your lovely norweigan shelves. Thank you!

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