Christian Rock illo process


I just did a new illustration (for the San Antonio Current) and thought it would be fun to show the process. The illo was for a story about how dull the “Christian Contemporary Music” scene is. The art director had a concept in mind when he called, so this was one of those gigs deadredfred first told me about, where your job as an illustrator is basically to “do something nice that can hang over the couch.” But that’s cool; I didn’t have the energy for a great new concept.

Anyway, the a.d’s idea was to show Jesus in a band T-shirt, rocking out to music in a crowd of polite, conservatively dressed Christian concert-goers. The a.d. had worked with me before, so he didn’t need to see sketches or even pencils; he said I could go straight to final.

Even so, for my own piece of mind, I worked up a tiny thumbnail, just to get the basic layout for the dimensions of the piece:

Christian Rock thumbnail

Since I didn’t need to show pencils, I just moved on to the final. Here are the inks:

Christian Rock scan

And here’s how it looks in all its grey-toned glory:

Christian Rock final

Ultimately, I’m not sure if the illo totally works, in terms of conveying that most CCR live shows are dull. But it’s a cool image.

And here’s the actual article.

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