Man, you gotta move fast around here. After orientation, I was assigned (as feared) to work in a shelter. That would have meant moving all my stuff out of the SeaBee base and into the shelter in Long Beach, MS, with the evacuees. I’m ashamed to say I wasn’t looking forward to the assignment. So, I took the initiative and asked the Sheltering supervisor if I could transfer to ERV. As they happened to need people right then, she said yes!

I’m assigned to “Kitchen 35” with Lou, two ERV driver girls named Allison & Tieg, and four other folks. I feel like I escaped from some kind of hell. Now I’ll get to work directly in the affected communities, and maybe even climb my way up to ERV driver. Psych!!!

It may be very difficult for me to post to LJ for the next bit of time as I don’t expect to come back to HQ. Still sussing out my connectivity options.

We leave for our Kitchen in an hour, where we’ll be taught the ropes.

7 thoughts on “ERV!

  1. Good on ya
    Hey buddy!
    Speaking for “The South” thanks for pitching in. Just tell people your last name is spelled “Newfield”. Good luck! Watch out for skeeters!

  2. For some reason, I’ve been calling you on your cellphone since I came up to NYC on Wednesday. It has been raining and raining and raining since you’ve left.
    Good luck down there.

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