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It’s interesting: in the last week a couple of sites have written extensive reviews of the A.D. webcomic (as opposed to the revised, expanded print edition, due out next week). I welcome these latecomers to the party, but wonder about the the timing. I guess they’re hearing about the book but don’t have a review copy? Anyway, I’m definitely grateful for the attention, and pretty confident that the free webcomic will drive people to the print edition. The newest piece is by Dan Stryker of the Great Big Nerd blog.

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  1. Hey, I’m just some doofus with a blog, not exactly the kind of person who gets review copies of forthcoming books sent his way.
    As for the timing…I donno. I like the comic, I wanted to look at it specifically as a webcomic, and I happened to decide it was the right time for it just as the print edition was about to hit. Coincidence, mostly, I guess.
    Good luck with the book! It’s a great comic and very deserving of a wider audience.

    1. Oh, no worries. I was thrilled to read your very considered review (and just between us and everyone else) glad to send people to the SMITH site even if the book is just about out. I am confident that the webcomic will bring more people to the book, not fewer. In any case, I especially appreciated your shout-out to the comic’s color schemes. And I have to say that the Pantheon production people did an amazing job of matching the web colors in the print edition. Thanks again!

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