The Webcomic Overlook's "One Punch Reviews"


Larry Cruz of the The Webcomic Overlook’s "One Punch Reviews" blog has written a really nice piece on A.D. which highlights — and then utilizes — some of the webcomic’s most distinctive elements: "Below the illustrated panels are links to audio and video clips of the people featured in the comic, blogs, photo essays, and newspaper articles. . . . It’s a fine example as to how comics can aspire to be more than just entertainment, and also how comics don’t have to be hemmed to the sequential panels. Comics — webcomics in particular — can be the very voice of history." And in his review Cruz nicely evokes the A.D. webcomic: whenever he refers in the text to a particular element of the story, he hotlinks that phrase to a specific visual example from the comic. Check it out.

If we can posit that webcomics are the "future" of "sequential art," then I suppose blog posts like this are the future of webcomics criticism.

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