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A Few Perfect Hours (and Other Stories from Southeast Asia and Central Europe)
A Few Perfect Hours

Just a heads-up that this Tuesday, May 10, at 7pm, Sari & I will reprise our reading/presentation from A Few Perfect Hours, this time at Book Court in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. With the aid of an LCD projector, I’ll display a couple of stories from the book on a screen while we read them aloud.

The March Barnes & Noble event was really fun and drew a big crowd, and we hope to repeat the vibe at Book Court. If you couldn’t make it before, you’ll be able to experience the book in a new and entertaining way. And if you have yet to see A Few Perfect Hours, this is your chance to preview it. For those who came to the last “show,” we’re gonna mix it up a bit and treat the audience to a different story this time around…

Afterwards, like last time, I’ll sign books, as well as the two new Harvey Pekar / American Splendor anthologies currently in stores.

Book Court, 163 Court Street (between Dean & Pacific), Brooklyn, NY 11201, (718) 875-3677.

Hope to see you there!

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    1. I would love to. But like I said when someone asked about doing it in Chicago, it would have to be worthwhile, time- and publicity-wise. But I think we can definitely do something at this year’s SPX…

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