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The Book Court event went really well! We ended up doing “The Cave of Fear” and “Mr. Ong’s Organic Farm.” A lot of people showed up — many had to stand — and they seemed very engaged with the material. I also gave out comp copies of Alternative Comics’ Free Comic Book Day 2005 book to all attendees. Afterwards, we took some questions, drank a little wine, and I signed books. We didn’t SELL as many books as I (or the bookstore) would have liked, but I think we did okay. And hopefully much good will was generated.

Buddy/poet/cartoonist Gary Sullivan attended the show and discusses it a little over at his blog, “Elsewhere”.

Later, Sari, man_size and SBX, purvision, red_letter_days, digitante, Eric Saul, Doug Brod & Rachel, and I had margaritas and tex-mex at Pacifico. Nice.

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  1. I’m sorry my Zombie Hut softball game in Red Hook made me miss the event, but I had a grand time with you and everybody. We gotta do that more often.

  2. JOSH: An awesome time! I loved it. Sorry I couldn’t stick around for the grub. You and Sari are the most enviably attractive couple…like ever.
    DEAN: “I’d love to read from OPPOSABLE THUMBS and AIM TO DAZZLE, too.”
    And let me and Simmons do ENCOURAGEMENT, puh-leez?

  3. I HAVE to see you two read this! Bugger! Hopefully I came of use at the taco part, trading tales with your lovely zing-zam-zoom of a wife. I wanna hang out with her some more. She have a bike?
    When’s your next reading?
    and as an aside, have you ever been to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade?

    1. it was great seein’ ya, regardless.
      zing-zam-zoom had fun gabbin’ witchoo too! she does have a bike — without training wheels!
      no, we’ve never been to the mermaid parade, tho’ i’d love to go. the last couple of years we’ve mistakenly scheduled stoop sales (!) on the same day. it’s insanely crowded and raucous, ain’t it? (the mermaid parade, not the stoop sale)

      1. While a devoted fan of the stoop sale, I have to say, NOTHING tops the Mermaid Parade. I’ve marched in it for…five years? Six? It’s amazing fun.
        Our group, the Midwest Ocean Association, includes an amazingly fat-funky-assed new orleans-style second line brass band from MINNEAPOLIS, the Mama Digdown Brass Band…they have marched w/us the last 3 years, and are beyond compare. You must come see us, or if you like, march with us! Or at the very least, hit the after-party, where the band plays until 3 and everybody dances and drinks the cheapest drinks in Greenpoint. Go to and put it on the calendar…

        1. wow – i gott make it to the parade this year. june 25, eh? we’re scheduled have our annual sale that day (!) but hopefully we can postpone and head out to coney instead

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