It's a Pro Bono Comix World


How’s this for a week of comics-related-but-not-actually-making-comics tasks? Just last week, I…

  • wrote the introduction to a friend’s upcoming graphic novel
  • penned a blurb for an upcoming comics memoir
  • wrote a recommendation letter for someone applying to a comics certificate program
  • served as a thesis advisor for an MFA student

I was super-excited to do all these things. It’s a testament to how far I’ve come in my own career that others might think my opinions are useful. Also, when I was starting out in comics, there were so many people who threw me bones, from tipping me off to freelance gigs, letting me work in their studio, giving me professional and technical advice, writing me letters—not to mention publishing my less-than-stellar stuff.

But, much as I love “paying it forward,” last week was a little intense!


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