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My mother Martha Rosler wrote, and I drew, a two-page comic (entitled “Scenes From an Illicit War: From Planet Invisible”), which has just been published in Silvana Editoriale’s System Error: War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. The book is a companion piece to an art exhibit of the same name (co-curated by Papesse head curator Lorenzo Fusi and New York- & Dhaka- based artist Naeem Mohaiemen) taking place at the Palazzo Papesse Centre for Contemporary Art in Siena, Italy (though May 6). I also have a couple of other war-related pieces (which can be read online here and here) in the System Error book.

Meanwhile, Nick Flynn & yours truly’s latest poem-comic, “Bag of Mice,” is printed in the March–April 2007 issue of World Literature Today, a special issue dedicated to “graphic literature” (and also featuring such notable names as Jessica Abel, Lynda Barry, Anders Nilsen, and Joe Sacco).

In addition, A.D. protagonist/AntiGravity magazine publisher Leo McGovern interviews me about A.D. in the new issue of AntiGravity, which coincides nicely with the brand-new A.D. Chapter 1: “Riders of The Storm,” now live on SMITH (And mentioned in an earlier post. Whew; busy day.).

7 thoughts on “Misc. horn tooting

  1. awesome collaboration
    That’s a great comic, Josh, and one of the best titles I’ve ever seen.
    I am trying to collaborate with my mother on something/anything. She’s not an artist, and it’s difficult. But I’m going to keep working on her until we slowly get some kind of collaboration going…

    1. Re: awesome collaboration
      Everybody should do a collaboration with their mother! Seriously, thanks for the compliment. I was incredibly intimidated about working with my mom, as her intellect and sphere of reference far outstrips mine, but in the end, I feel it was rather fruitful. Sorry, bad pun.
      Also: Sad that I didn’t get to see you when you were in town. But I was underwater (another bad pun) getting the first chapter of A.D. done.

      1. Re: awesome collaboration
        I’m psyched about A.D. It was a topic of conversation at one point in the Hart/Corman residence.
        I hope to be back in NY later in the year, for sunnier weather, and will maybe be able to catch you then! Keep on truckin’!

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