Frank & I are going to the movies!


Frank Miller has invited me to a special IMAX screening of 300 tonight. I guess he didn’t read my review of Sin City! Nevertheless, I’m excited. I’ve never seen a feature on an IMAX screen before. And the after-party promises to be good. Like last time, I’m taking my friend Dani as my date, and we’re both hoping we don’t run into the “decrepit inker” again, though things seem to be looking up for him as I saw his work on a rather high-profile new DC title recently.

I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, particularly about the Hellenic Era, having grown up reading Mary Renault. So the subject matter of 300 — King Leonidas of Sparta’s last stand vs. Xerxes and the Persian Army — is right up my alley. I wasn’t particularly taken with Miller’s take on it in the original 300 comics, however, so my expectations for the movie are fairly low.

Which means I’ll probably enjoy myself!

15 thoughts on “Frank & I are going to the movies!

  1. Friend Dani as a date?
    Decrepit inker?
    So many mysteries.
    I didn’t read this GN. I heard it’s homophobic to some, very right wing to others.
    You didn’t like Sin City either eh?

    1. Dani is Sari’s best pal from high school. She’s a great date.. but she never puts out! ;->
      The 300 comic didn’t make much of an impression on me, other than the fabulous art. I believe I got rid of it as soon as I finished reading it. Homophobic and right-wing seems about right. But we shall see.
      I’m actually intrigued to see if the film makes any metaphorical connections between a vastly outnumbered group of fighters defending their home soil against an invading army — and the current situation in Iraq…

  2. OOOooo! I’m going too! Bringing my wife. Though this is likely to be a singularly bloody movie, and I think she’s not thrilled about that part. Hope to see you there.
    (Um, maybe your wallet needs cleaning out again by now? It’s been a couple of years…)

    1. Yeah, I do have some receipts piling up in there. And I brought some tax material to go over, too. Thanks for reminding me.
      Maybe they won’t turn the lights all the way down to make it easier for me?

    1. She is the best! All of her historical novels are brilliant (with the exception of Funeral Games, which is weirdly turgid and boring). Reading the books as a teenager, I thrilled at her vivid evocation of Ancient Greece and was titillated by her homo-erotic love scenes.
      I particularly enjoyed the two Theseus books, because they made myth seem real, even the way she treats the minotaur. (She was doing Marvels long before Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross came on the scene!)
      I re-read her books periodically because they’re so wonderful, and because I’ve never found anything better on that era/subject matter. Please let me know what you think once you’ve read something of hers.

      1. Will do, Josh! This is what was made for. Thanks for the tip!
        On the subject of historical fiction, at the moment I’m re-reading Gore Vidal’s Lincoln…it’s worth it just for the crazy back cover copy…”Lincoln is observed by his loved ones, his rivals, and his future assassins…by the Machiavellian Secretary of State, Seward, who beings by scorning Lincoln and ends by worshipping him”….and on and on and on, through mad wives, secretaries and of course JWB. I don’t remember any homo-erotic love scenes from my first reading, but it was a long time ago – there’s always hope! It is Gore Vidal after all….Live from Golgotha was one of my fave dirty books as a teen!

        1. Well, of course Gore Vidal is my other favorite historical novelist! I have warm memories of reading Burr, Lincoln, and Empire while living in Prague, and looking up all the historical references in the library of the U.S. consulate…

  3. I haven’t like much Miller since 1986 or so
    Maybe Frank DID read your review of Sin City and is trying to get you to change your mind about his movies. “And make sure that Josh Newfelt guy is on the list!”
    I didn’t bother to see Sin City, didn’t care for the comics. I won’t see 300 unless Leeann twists my arm to take her. (She digs the historical fiction too). Now if there was a RONIN movie, dude, I’d be first in line!
    Meanwhile, I’m about ready to look up that Lincoln book y’all are talking about!

    1. Re: I haven’t like much Miller since 1986 or so
      I think we’re pretty much in the same boat about Miller, tho’ for some reason I always buy his new material — and then end up getting rid of it after a single read. I DID like the first story arc of Sin City quite a bit, probably more for its visual power and economy than anything else.
      Miller is an extraordinary and unique talent, even if his themes are boring (which they are).
      P.S. Don’t for any reason see 300 out of interest in the historical period. It’s completely stylized and baroque, and I’m sure the events depicted were changed radically to fit the “story”.

    1. I never read I, Claudius. I have some vague memory of trying to read Graves after I had exhausted all the Renault books but not being able to get into his writing style.
      Gore Vidal, my other favorite historical novelists, also wrote a couple of brilliant and snarky books about the ancient world, one of which, Julian, is awesome.

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