Mobile (AL) Press-Register reviews "A.D."


Here’s a nice birthday present: a swell review of A.D. by John Sledge, the Book Page Editor of the Mobile Press-Register. He calls me "an engaging and talented artist" — thanks, Mr. Sledge! — and writes that my "work exhibits an appealing sort of cartoonish verisimilitude. [Neufeld’s] double-page spreads, depicting New Orleans before the storm, then with massive clouds towering above it, and finally swept by floodwaters from bursting levees, are no less gut-wrenching than the full-color video of those same scenes that became so familiar."

After a very nice synopsis of the book and its themes, Sledge goes on to write that A.D. "is a fine contribution to our understanding of Hurricane Katrina and what it did to the people of the Gulf Coast. Because it depicts true events, it seems somehow inappropriate to call it a graphic ‘novel.’ ‘Comic book’ doesn’t work either — not much funny here. The difficulty is only one of labeling, however. The work itself is superb."

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