My inner child…


Is inside Sari!

This is not a PhotoShop effect. Isn’t it amazing?

Our most intensive collaboration to date is due to debut sometime around July 16. All preprations are in order. The “baby” now has a room of its own. The doula has been reserved. A list of 50 names for each gender is being considered.

Wish us luck, please. We’re gonna need it.

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    1. As the due date looms, we’re getting more & more trepidatious about this huge change in our lives. So thanks for the encouragement. I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful in 1000s of ways we can’t even imagine.

      1. My only advice…
        Go to the movies together as much as you can (or do anything like that that you usually do as a couple) before the huge change arrives. You will not be able to do that for some time after.

    1. Twins!
      The only twins I know about are you! Check out this photo I snapped at MoCCA this past weekend of some guy who looks EXACTLY like you, except for 3 key things that made it definitely a doppleganger and not the authentic Dean:
      1) He was wearing a tie
      2) He was wearing a collared shirt
      3) He was wearing a shirt, period.

  1. This is wonderful news
    I wish you both a wonderful delivery and the joy and awe at having a new person with you
    My wife and I had a son in January.
    Lawrence in Prague

  2. “Our most intensive collaboration to date…”
    That made me laugh like nobody’s business.
    Congrats! Lovely Wife Sara also extends her congrats and adds, “Isn’t that amazing?”

    1. Well, I was toying with “penetrating collaborating,” or “fertile collaboration,” but I just went with “intensive.”
      And thanks for the good wishes from lovely you and lovely Sara

  3. Babies
    Enjoy these last weeks of the life you knew before. Not that you’ll ever want to go back or anything…..well, it’ll be a while before you get enough sleep.
    A baby sling is good…umm what else….oh yea, it probably won’t die regardless of how inept a parent you think you are! Yes, it’s poop is supposed to be that colour. Daddies don’t get the love automatically like Mommies, it takes longer, but it’s just as good.
    That doesn’t make any sense, but it kinda will.
    Best of luck.

    1. Re: Babies
      Man, talk about a pep talk!?!?
      Naw, all such tips are much appreciated.
      After 16 years of exclusive coupledom, Sari & I finally decided to add a third being to the mix, and now we’re about to find out how he/she blends in. It’s sure to be quite an adventure–for all of us.

  4. Sari looks so beautiful Josh. You two are gonna “produce” the next coolest kid in the wonderful world of children by cartoonists/writers/talented people/good folks who kick ass!
    Lots of luck and well wishes!

    Or is it Shouty? I can’t remember. But your progeny is due and I can’t wait! Don’t see “Knocked Up” if you haven’t already, though.

    1. Re: SHOUTIE!
      Hee hee! We saw Knocked Up; it was probably the last movie we’ll see before Shoutie is born, due to Sari being unable to sit in a theatre seat for that length of time w/o feeling like she’ll explode. (I liked it, but not as nearly as much as The 40-Year-Old Virgin — occasionally hilarious, but in general too sentimental.)
      Miss ya, K-RON!

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