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The wares2007 (June 16)

Brooklyn — As in past years, the 7th Annual sale’s sellers include old-timers such as our hosts wjcohen & Alison (and daughters Lila & Ruby); Joy & Rob (and dog Piper); and yours truly.

The months leading up to sale were dominated by long-time stooper Stinky’s will-he, won’t-he retirement talk. But like Jordan and Clemens before him, Stinky left that small percentage of a chance open that he might reconsider. And coming down to the wire, prospects looked good for Stink’s return to business. But then, tragically, a death in the family took he & Betsy away for the weekend and absent from the sale. Also missed this year were stoop regulars Sari, Rebecca, and Kristen, but we were lucky to add lovely red_letter_days to the mix.

The new location, across the street from Carroll Park, added a different element to the sale. Instead of the typical rush of manic early birds, attacking the wares before they’d been properly displayed, the crowd was more of a slow but steady stream throughout the (blisteringly hot) day.

Unfortunately, even though we took up the whole front of the stoop, a good portion of the sidewalk of the adjacent school, and even inspired wjcohen‘s next-door neighbors to have a sale of their own, there just wasn’t enough space to really display the prime items. Personally, I did well, netting about $100 for my unwanted DVDs, books, comix, brick-a-brack, and computer equipment. And Lila and her pals cleaned up with their assortment of lemonade (two flavors!), chocolate chip cookies, and brownies.

But wjcohen flooded the sale with vintage early 90s technology salvaged from his dad’s basement. Even though some CD jewel cases and keyboard wrist-rests sold, he was still left with a large surplus of desk organizers, home security systems, and document clips when the day was done. And as usual, everyone had a devil of a time unloading their clothes, sweaters, and shoes.

For next year’s sale, I vow to only bring the most select, delectable items. Most books, clothes, and shoes are dead weight, and always end up forming the bulk of what gets donated to the Salvation Army at day’s end.

Now please enjoy some of wjcohen‘s remarkably artful shots of the sale…

9 thoughts on “Stoopin' 2007 Report

  1. big buck makin’
    Yeah, next year I need to bring better items too…and some snappy tags. Like “this shirt will get you some action!’ and “wear this dress when you meet his parents” or something. And then maybe I’d earn more than 7 dollars, tho I did spend them well, on everybody else’s stoop stuff!
    Next year…

    1. Re: big buck makin’
      $7? Yeesh! See, that’s because your very tidy, stylish collection of clothes was overwhelmed by the bulky sweaters and winterwear items the rest of us brought.
      I really think next year we have to limit each seller to no more than 10 clothes/shoes items! Only the best passes the test!

      1. Re: big buck makin’
        Yeah, I was shocked that the Marc Jacobs pants didn’t find a home. But I owe you guys much love for driving the remainders to Salvation Army. And that Vietnamese sandwich was killing!
        That day, afterwards, I went on a buying binge on Smith street…those vendors who come out on weekends? They have nice hats and lingerie. And a bunch of my money.

  2. aw, looks great! glad you raked in some $!
    personally, i would definately have snagged the black strappy heels and funky greenish pumps (size permitting). people never like to buy shoes at a stoop sale – stoopid. then again, it takes a stoop seller to know a stoop seller, which is why we all have so much junk to get rid of.
    hope i don’t have to wait a year until our paths finally cross!

  3. am i reading this right?
    are you accusing me of ruining the sale because i had too much to sell?? have your next stoop sale in russia (er, north korea), bub!

    1. Re: am i reading this right?
      lol, just making sure you’re paying attention. anyway, i’m sure lila’s take put you guys over the top!

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