Pantheon to Publish "A.D."

A.D., Publicity

Pantheon Graphic Novels will be publishing the print version of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge!

The hardcover is scheduled to come out in August of 2009, shortly before the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and will be printed in a four-color process, enabling me to retain the color tinting style I’ve been using so far.

Pantheon will follow the hardcover with a trade paperback. I envision the book to be in the 200-page range, and it will include new material that won’t be in the web version of A.D. (A.D. is currently winding down on the web: I plan on releasing three more chapters before it wraps up online.) We’re also hoping to donate part of the proceeds from the book to grassroots relief organizations in New Orleans.

I’m still sort of in shock about the news, as I couldn’t have dreamed of a better publisher for this project. I’m thrilled that the stories of Denise, Hamid, Leo & Michelle, The Doctor, and Kevin will be exposed to a larger audience; and I’m overwhelmed about being published by the same folks who publish Speigelman, Clowes, Ware, Satrapi, Katchor, Burns, and Simmonds.

And Chip Kidd will be designing the cover! Holy Moley!…

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Here’s ICv2’s piece on the news:
And here’s where 

mentions it on “The Beat”:

0 thoughts on “Pantheon to Publish "A.D."

  1. YES!
    I was really hoping this would come out in print. This series easily relates to all of us who experienced the storm in one aspect or another.
    My husband & I went on vacation when there was a little tropical disturbance on the other side of FL. What a mess!

  2. I like how the ICv2 article refers to me as a “young music-zine publishing, comic book-loving writer.” Gotta love it when you need multiple hyphenated words to describe your character. =D

  3. I *just* heard this… late the party I guess.
    Major congratulations to you sir; I’m not the least bit surprised given the excellent work you’ve been producing.
    It’s got to be so gratifying to be lining up spine-to-spine with the living giants of the medium.
    rock on.

  4. Congratulations, Josh! I saw this on the Smith page first, somehow. What amazing news!
    Thanks as well for the decoding the page from GBell’s latest…I’m just reading it now, and part of the fun is always trying to figure out who everyone is. I’m really enjoying the slightly surreal flavor of this one and the Julie Doucet-style patch-shading, not to mention the wonderful cover. So great…

    1. Thanks, Ellen! And thanks for mentioning the GBell post — I need encouragement every once in awhile that it’s okay to express my inner nerd so proudly

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