Presidential Doodlers


Reagan supposedly considered a career as a cartoonist before turning to politics. His drawings are as puffy & trite as his public persona, proving that he chose the right profession.

Make sure you check out the gallery: Ulysses S. Grant can really draw a horse. Herbert Hoover’s geometric scribblings are fascinating. LBJ’s three-headed monster is disturbing.

0 thoughts on “Presidential Doodlers

    1. well, to me it’s a toss-up. obviously, the cartooning world suffered no great loss for Reagan not pursuing it. but IMHO, the world world suffered a great deal for Reagan pursuing politics!
      maybe he should have just stuck to acting…

  1. lbj’s really is disturbing.
    that man who drew that had the power to launch nukes.
    kind of makes you wonder what our current president doodles….

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