Rodent Football!


Ah, New York in the fall. The air is crisp, the night lights shine brighter, and the rats are for kickin’!

Tonight’s garbage night on Eastern Parkway, and as Sari and I were walking home, we passed pile after pile of garbage bags. One particular stack of bags shuddered just as I came by, and before I had a chance to react, I felt something hit my foot in mid-stride. It bounced off one foot and hit the other. At first I thought I had somehow stumbled and kicked my own foot, but it didn’t feel like that. Sari jumped, and I turned my head just in time too see a big ol’ rat butt disappearing into the nearby shrubbery.

“Did I just kick a rat?!” Yes, indeed. Seems the scared rodent thought the smart thing to do was shoot the wickets — but was a split second too slow. Ah well, he seemed no worse for wear — that thing was solid! Maybe some bruised ribs? And a good story to tell his rat grandchildren some day.

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  1. And, probably not so oddly, yours was in a stream of ten posts on my friendslist about rats, undergrads, and/or exes all saying the same thing: I came across it, it ran across my foot, and neither of us were the worse for wear, just *rilly* taken aback.
    I’m thinking this is a late September NY-Northeast thing, if only because I don’t have that many more data points that I (or any of us) would take at all _serious_, ‘cept for the exes, ’cause _that shit_ is serious when it catches you on the margins, no shit.

    1. ha ha, to reply to both you and , i also recently heard from an ex — who happened to have a pet rat back when we were dating! bruised ribs, bruised feelings — what’s the difference, really?

  2. Rats are more sturdy than you expect. I had a pet rat once (they make terrific pets! really!) and she was stepped on, lost part of her tail and was nearly sqaushed when she crawled into bed with my sister. None of it phased her.

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